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The fact that Bill Murray is cast in any movie is kind of amazing. The cantankerous star is infamously elusive, often failing to return phone calls and official requests because he simply doesn't feel like it. (Most famously he just stopped responding to requests to appear in the "Charlie's Angels" sequel so producers just recast the part.) Thankfully, he decided to call back to longtime collaborator Scott Rudin, who is producing the untitled new film from "Almost Famous" filmmaker Cameron Crowe that costars Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone. Woo!

The movie, at one point entitled "Deep Tiki," follows a defense contractor (Cooper) who is in Hawaii to oversee the launch of a deadly new military satellite. It's here that he falls in love with an Air Force test pilot (Stone) and together they team up with the island's mystical forces to take down the launch of the satellite. Yes, this sounds really weird. And totally awesome.

Murray will join a cast that already includes the aforementioned Cooper and Stone, along with Danny McBride, Alec Baldwin, Edi Gathegi, and Jay Baruchel. Murray's role is being kept under wraps, which hopefully means he's some kind of Tiki deity. It's the first collaboration between Crowe and Murray, and, as such, is sure to be epic.

The "Ghostbusters" star was last seen in "Hyde Park on Hudson." Murray can next be seen in George Clooney's World War II ensemble "The Monuments Men," and will be appearing in frequent collaborator Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel," which should also bow in 2014.

The-movie-formerly-known-as-"Deep Tiki" will be released by Rudin and Sony sometime in 2014.

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