Tom Hanks is winning all sorts of new acclaim for his title role in "Captain Phillips," but it's one of his earliest and most iconic films that's getting attention today after Hanks re-created the infamous piano scene from "Big" on a UK talk show.

Hanks -- along with skilled rapperSandra Bullock -- appeared on "The Jonathan Ross Show" this weekend to promote "Phillips," and Ross surprised him with a replica of the giant keyboard that Hanks played with his feet in one of the most memorable scenes from 1988's "Big."

A delighted Hanks played the first few bars of "Heart and Soul" with middling results, then tried his hand at "Chopsticks" with an assist from Ross. Not to be left out, Bullock -- clad in heels, no less -- joined Hanks for another round of the classic tune.

Check out the video and just try not to smile. It's impossible. Tom Hanks will never not be awesome.

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[h/t First Showing]
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