If there was any doubt that Sandra Bullock was one of the most endearing movie stars on planet earth (eclipsed only, perhaps, by her "Gravity" costar George Clooney), then prepare yourself, because an appearance on a British talk show has solidified her place as America's sweetheart for pretty much all of eternity.

The star was on hand to promote "Gravity," her brilliantly dazzling sci-fi thriller that is currently out in theaters, and somehow the topic shifted to the fact that she used to rap along to old school tunes to impress boys in high school. When the show's presenter, Jonathan Ross, who is also quite affable, provided the backbeat for Sugarhill Gang's classic "Rapper's Delight," the star took the opportunity to bust a move and sing the lyrics.

Maybe the most shocking part of the whole exchange, once you get past the palpable awkwardness (and the fact that Tom Hanks was watching from the sidelines), is how good Bullock was. She might not be opening up for Jay-Z on his next arena tour, but she has a fine handle of the rhythms of the song and remembers the words quite well (for the most part).

Quite frankly, if we were at a school party and a high school-era Sandra Bullock walked up singing along to "Rapper's Delight," we'd be pretty into it.

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