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Production on the "Man of Steel" sequel is set to start a bit earlier than anticipated, as a small Los Angeles college revealed that their weekend football game will also serve as the backdrop for a few scenes in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman showdown flick.

The East Los Angeles College Campus News reports that the Zack Snyder-directed flick will film a handful of scenes on Saturday during halftime of a game between East Los Angeles College and Victor Valley College. The ELAC stadium will stand in for the fictional Gotham City University home stadium, which will "host" Metropolis State University.

Warner Bros. is calling for Los Angeles residents interested in being extras, and the first 2,000 people to sit in a designated filming area at the stadium will be featured in the background cheering on Gotham. Extras will be given t-shirts in Gotham's colors of black and gold.

According to the ELAC paper, the film crew will shoot three takes of three different scenes. Slash Film notes that it's unlikely that Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill will be on hand for the game, though if they do decide to show, it would no doubt be a big coup for the community college. But Ernest Burnett, ELAC's event and venue coordinator, promised that Saturday's game would be entertaining even without the Hollywood cameras present.

"Victor Valley is not a bad team," Burnett said.

The movie is due out summer 2015.

[via East Los Angeles College Campus News, h/t Slash Film]
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