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Ben Foster has been cast as former cyclist Lance Armstrong in Stephen Frears's upcoming biopic. The as-yet unnamed film will cover Armstrong's rising career, cancer diagnosis, and amazing comeback; it's not yet clear how deeply the movie will delve into the allegations and investigations of his later career.

Foster, whose intense vibe has wowed critics in movies like "The Messenger," will be co-starring with Chris O'Dowd, who will play the Irish journalist David Walsh. Walsh wrote the book "Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong," about his dogged determination to uncover the truth about Armstrong's success. O'Dowd is primarily known for comedic roles on the British TV show "The IT Crowd" and "Bridesmaids," although he showed a darker side with a recurring part on HBO's "Girls" and the mini-series "The Crimson Petal and the White."

Frears's film won't be the only one examining the former Tour de France champ. This November, director Alex Gibney takes a deeper look at Armstrong's downfall in "The Armstrong Lie." There is also a Lance Armstrong project in development with Jay Roach and Bradley Cooper called "Red Blooded American," but it's not clear when that will start filming.

You can catch Ben Foster doing his best William Burroughs impression this weekend in "Kill Your Darlings." Frears's next project "Philomena" opens in limited cities on November 22.

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