Messing with Liam Neeson is a very bad idea, as we've seen in "Taken" and "The Grey."

The first trailer for his latest action movie, "Non-Stop," hit the Internet today and Neeson looks as formidable as ever. He's an air marshal who hates flying. Know what he hates more? Whoever is trying to hijack his plane.

During a transatlantic flight, Neeson gets an ominous text warning him that unless $150 million is transferred to a designated bank account, the hijacker will kill someone every 20 minutes. But there's a greater conspiracy at play - Neeson learns that the bank account is in his own name, so everyone thinks he's the hijacker!

Julianne Moore stars as another passenger, while "Downton Abbey" star Michelle Docker plays a flight attendant.

The trailer features Neeson doing a lot of barking, battling against irate passengers, and shouting into his phone. It also seems to give a lot away, with Moore looking particularly suspicious in various shots.

"Non-Stop" hijacks theaters on February 28.
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