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There are three things that you need to remember after reading this interview with Chloë Grace Moretz: she spends way too much money on lederhosen, she loves her gay-friendly Russian fans, and she wants to star in a movie about a morbidly obese comic-book character whose super-power is sitting on people.

Prior to our knowing that last bit of information, we unwittingly put ourselves in harm's way by sitting down with Moretz to discuss (among other things) her new movie, Kimberly Peirce's modern retelling of the Stephen King classic "Carrie," in which she plays the titular telekinetic teen who goes on a bloody, vengeful rampage. Since she's clearly a fan of Twitter, we decided to let her fans ask most of the questions, in 140 characters or less, naturally.

First, we had to let Moretz in on our plan while noting the surprising number of questions that came from a country she's never even visited. After that, we let her fans take it away.

Moviefone: You have a huge following in Russia. Did you know that? Tons of questions came from your Russian fans.

Chloë Grace Moretz: Oh, I know. In my last two movies, I've been Russian, too, which is very random. And I know a little bit of Russian.

So that's the reason?

I don't even know. They're not even released yet. So it's weird. I don't know why. Russian fans!

One of them did ask if you have plans to go to Russia.

@moviefone@ChloeGMoretz@Tim_Hayne would you like to come [to] Russia?

- Mark_Dz (@MarkDzhamalov) October 4, 2013
Kinda. I'm not very happy with what's going on right now in Russia, with gay rights and everything. I don't want to go to Russia because of that. No. They don't want my brothers; they can't have me! But I love my Russian fans -- if they're not anti-gay.

#MFCarrieQs@Tim_Hayne What is your biggest fear?

- MasterBeatBOX (@MasterBeatBoxin) October 4, 2013
That's a creepy question, you know? Because I never feel like I want to answer that question because then someone's going to come after me, and like, "I know your fears Chloe! I'm gonna kill you." I'm afraid of spiders and snakes and rodents and like, my own shadow, really. Halloween Horror Nights, Haunted Hay Ride, Knott's Scary Farm -- I could keep going. I'm terrified of everything.

I'm going to the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor tomorrow.

Oh, don't do it. I heard that someone got spit on by a ghost. I think it was just a creepo hidin' out in the rafters, spitting on people.

#MFCarrieQs@ChloeGMoretz@Tim_Hayne Did you ever have any worries about remaking a classic film?

- Joshua Williams (@JoshuaWilliam35) October 4, 2013
Hi, Joshua Williams. I mean, it's not a remake, you know? It's a retelling of a Stephen King novel. So, I think, by classic, if they're talking about the book, then sure. I mean, I guess I had reservations. I wanted to do it justice because I'm in love with what Stephen King does. And it's one of the most brilliant books he's ever written, I think. But I was incredibly excited more than fearful, because I feel like fear is such a petty thing. I think that you can channel that into excitement and do ten times more than when you're afraid.

@moviefone@ChloeGMoretz@Tim_Hayne#MFCarrieQs How did you keep your voice with all the screaming you had to do?

- Matt McIntyre (@RelicLord) October 4, 2013
I didn't. We did some reshoots to make the stabbing -- when [Margaret] stabs me -- crazier, on the back of my leg and stuff. It was funny because I came back to do that and within five minutes of screaming I was like [makes hoarse screaming sounds]. They had to dub me; I went back to the studio and had to redo the screaming so I didn't sound like a man. Because I already have a deep voice, so when I lose my voice I literally sound like... like, imagine if you took Cher's voice and made it deeper. I sound crazy.

I bet you could sing really well with that voice.

[In a deep voice] Rollin' on a river... Actually, I have no lower register. I only have an upper register, which is kinda weird, right? Considering how deep my voice is... all right -- next question!

@Tim_Hayne Please Tim, ask Chloë about Star Wars #MFCarrieQs

- Alex (@alexfernandez) October 4, 2013
Since you've already answered the "Star Wars question, I'm going to ask you about Star Wars, but a different question. If you could play any character in a previous "Star Wars" movie, who would you play?

Oh, okay. Natalie Portman's character [Queen Amidala]. Done. I want to be Natalie Portman in general. Or, I could be... what's his name? Jar Jar Binks. I'm such a fool; I could totally be Jar Jar Binks.

@moviefone@ChloeGMoretz@Tim_Hayne Chloe,what is your favorite character from Marvel comics?

- Ivan Feoktistov (@VanyaF1997) October 5, 2013
Oh my god. I found out about the funniest Marvel character. I forgot the name of it, but there's this kid who can take his prosthetic arms off and kill people with them. It's amazing. It's called, like, "No Arms" or something, and it's just one of the really random "made in 1990" ones because they were all bored and all the good [heroes] were created in the '60s. It's about this kid who can literally take his arms off and throw them at people.

And there's this other one about this fat lady who can just sit on people. It's amazing. There are a couple in there that are real stars.

That's the Marvel movie no one is ever going to see.

I know! I want to be that. I can be the fat woman who sits on people. It can work. I promise.

You just wrote the headline for your interview right there.

"Chloe Moretz Wants to a Be a Fat Woman That Sits on People!" Let's do it.

@moviefone@ChloeGMoretz@Tim_Hayne Chloe, how long have you been in the blood during filming "Carrie"?

- Eugene Yatskovets (@DirtyRabbit2) October 4, 2013
I was [covered in blood] filming the movie for a month and a half. Which was every single night, with two-hour application, three-hour taking off.

Wow. My hat's off to you.

Well, let's not get crazy. I mean, I didn't save a life or anything. I just put some blood on my body and acted like I was crying.

@moviefone#MFCarrieQs@Tim_Hayne question for chloe! You are such a great actress, do you have any musical talents? - MasterBeatBox

- MasterBeatBOX (@MasterBeatBoxin) October 4, 2013
I'm actually a really good singer, when I want to be. I always tell people this: I'm a great singer, but you'll never catch me actually singing. Seriously. I don't like singing in front of people. I'll sing in a studio booth, but I don't like singing in front of people.

@Tim_Hayne Have you ever seen the musical version of "Carrie"? What did you think? Would you consider reprising your role in it? #MFCarrieQs

- Tammy Time (@StopTammyTime) October 3, 2013
No. I actually want to go see it. It's playing right now in Los Feliz, and my brother's best friend, Chase, sent me a picture the other day -- I started cracking up because I really wanted to go see it. I really feel for that girl who has to get blood dumped on her every night. That would suck. Good luck!

@moviefone@ChloeGMoretz@Tim_Hayne Did they shoot multiple endings or a single one?

- Chlomo Chan (@ChlomoChan) October 3, 2013
Oh, Chlomo Chan! They tweet me all the time. I don't know how I'm supposed to answer that question. [Asks publicist] Okay. Great. One ending. You know what? One and done, that's how movies always work. There's no such thing as reshoots.

One last question, since it's that time of year: What are you going to be for Halloween?

Last year, I was Bellatrix Lestrange, which was hot. And I had this sick leather corset; it was so good. This crazy wig. Anyway. I don't know. I'm spending it Vancouver. Do Canadians even do Halloween?

I believe they do do Halloween.

They do do it? "They do do Halloween," you said. They do do Halloween.

They do do. You made me say "do do."

They do do Halloween. I actually bought an amazing lederhosen in Germany, so I might be a beer maiden, which would be so good. Because I spent so much money on this authentic outfit and I didn't even realize it because it was in euros or whatever, and was like, "Oh, it's fine!" sliding the card. Then I went, [gasps]. I looked at my bank account and I was like, "I spent so much money on lederhosen!"

"Carrie," co-starring Julianne Moore, opens nationwide on October 18.

Tim Hayne (@tim_hayne) is Editor in Chief of Moviefone.

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