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Daniel Radcliffe has had a busy (and focused) 2013.

He had three films premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, went on an extended press tour for his new movie, "Kill Your Darlings" (in theaters this weekend), and found time to promote "A Young Doctor's Notebook," a mini-series co-starring "Mad Men" lead Jon Hamm.

So how does the "Harry Potter" star find time for it all? Well, he is passionate about the roles he selects. Also, he stays far, far away from Candy Crush.

"Yeah it would be the end of my life," Radcliffe told Moviefone, on whether he would download the highly addictive cell phone game. "I know what I am like and I know what would happen if I had it."

Of course Radcliffe doesn't avoid all cell phone games (because that would just be crazy). Back in September, Hamm revealed that he and Radcliffe kept in touch when they were away from the "Doctor's" set by playing Words With Friends. (Radcliffe confirmed this to us by stating, "We play long games. It's fairly even. I remember the first game we ever played I beat him, and I was so happy.")

Unfortunately, that Scrabble-inspired app was just the tipping point for Hamm. According to Radcliffe, the "Mad Men" star has given up Words With Friends and has instead fallen into an unending spiral of Candy Crush addiction.

"He's f*cking obsessed with that Candy Crush game or whatever it is," Radcliffe said, while promoting his new film "Kill Your Darlings." "And he was paying for more levels and getting... I don't know. I don't play it so I don't know what the rules are. But basically, he was hooked."

We're not sure how dangerous being "f*cking obsessed" is, but, just to be safe, can someone go check on Mr. Hamm? We'd rather not have the final season of "Mad Men" go up in flames.

As for Radcliffe, you can see him this weekend as poet Allen Ginsberg in "Kill Your Darlings." For more on the star, check our full interview, where he discusses everything from "Potter" to fan fiction to smoking cigarettes.
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