For years, websites and message boards have been built solely around the ridiculous quotes of one Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. But now, thanks to even more internet weirdness (this time through a Reddit AMA where, in anticipation of his new movie "Escape Plan"), Schwarzenegger is now reciting those lines by request. Amazing no?

Amongst the gems Schwarzenegger performed: "Get to the choppa!" from "Predator" (which Arnold gives an even weirder inflection); "Who is your daddy and what does he do" (and "it's not a tumor") from "Kindergarten Cop"; and some line about leaving room for his fist because he's going to jam it into your stomach (from "Running Man," yes, I had to Google it).

At the end of the little series of clips, Arnold addresses the audience from what appears to be a luxurious private plane. For those who wanted the action star to say something, don't worry, he assures, "I'll be back." Yesssss! You can check out a couple of the clips below. The rest are over on Schwarzenegger's YouTube page.

"Escape Plan" is in theaters now, for what it's worth.

[via Reddit h/t Gawker]

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