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Marvel's next movie is getting an extra dose of strange: is reporting that Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige wants to feature Doctor Strange in the studio's next phase of superhero flicks.

"Doc Strange, as I've been saying for years, is a movie I believe we should make -- we're just figuring out how to make it a great movie," Feige told the site. "It is in active development right now. Whether that's one of the movies we announce for 2016 or 2017, we have to see. I think it'll be the middle of next year before we announce officially what the post 'Ant-Man' films will be."

There's a lot to parse from that quote, but the biggest takeaway is that Strange will definitely be hitting the big screen sometime this decade, potentially as soon as 2016. Strange, a former neurosurgeon who gains magical powers, serves as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, protecting the planet from various mystical threats. The crossover potential is huge -- as it is for most Marvel properties -- since Strange has appeared in standalone titles as well as popped up in other heroes' stories, including those featuring the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man.

As for when Strange's screen debut date will be revealed, Feige played it coy when questioned about whether a firm decision could be expected in time for an announcement at next year's San Diego Comic-Con.

"Maybe," he said. "Stuff might happen before that. It's too early to tell."

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