Mike Myers is expecting his second child, and, seizing the opportunity to unload a really questionable accent on their unsuspecting viewers, it appears every single local news anchor in America reported the announcement in exactly the same way: with an "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" impression.

The clip, assembled by the expert team at "Conan," recounts the seemingly limitless amount of news anchors reporting the news as: "Mike Myers says 'Yeah, baby,'" again and again and again. Chalk it up to the lack of creativity in the local news anchor game (your move, Ron Burgundy), or the fact that, years later, "Austin Powers" is still, like, totally fun to quote. Regardless, it's pretty hysterical. Schwing!

Myers has been out of the scene since 2010's "Shrek Forever After," although the documentary Myers directed ("Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon"), recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Myers is, after all, Canadian. Yeah baby!

[via Conan]
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