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"I have a feeling that 'Mystic Pizza' may someday become known for the movie stars it showcased back before they became stars." So wrote Roger Ebert when he reviewed the modest coming-of-age drama upon its release 25 years ago this week (on October 21, 1988). His prediction proved to be more right than he could have imagined.

The story of three young women who find love, heartbreak, and maturity while waiting tables at a small-town pizzeria, "Mystic Pizza" did indeed launch the careers of pie servers Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor, and Annabeth Gish, as well as that of one more future A-lister whose one-line performance escaped Ebert's notice. As for the waitresses' suitors, one of them fared pretty well, the other two, not so much. Here, then, is the deep dish on what became of the makers of "Mystic Pizza."

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