"Star Wars: Episode VII" may be narrowing its official release date window, if a report from across the pond holds water.

Yahoo! Movies UK is reporting that a brochure distributed last week in London at the European Brand Licensing Show lists "Episode VII"'s release date as "Spring/Summer 2015," leading to some speculation that the first chapter in a new "Star Wars" trilogy could open as early as May of that year. While some rumors floating around this summer questioned whether delays would cause the film to be pushed to December 2015, it looks like that will most certainly not be the case.

Fueling further speculation of a possible May 2015 release date is Disney's recent decision to begin billing the "Avengers" sequel, "Age of Ultron," with a "Summer 2015" release tag, instead of its original May 2015 projected launch. Yahoo! also reports that the annual Star Wars Celebration set for April 2015 is being touted as "timed with the release of 'Star Wars: Episode VII,'" which would make it a close calendar companion to a May "Epsiode VII" bow.

So it looks like we may be seeing the new trilogy a bit sooner than anticipated. We'll be waiting impatiently until then.

[via: Yahoo! Movies UK]

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