The Book Thief - Clip No. 1
While living in oppressive World War II Germany, the most beautiful hope may be your ambition to read.

From "Downton Abbey" director Brian Percival and based on Markus Zusak's book of the same name, "The Book Thief" follows a young girl with a love of books living in Nazi Germany. When Liesel (Sophie Nélisse) goes to stay with her new adoptive parents, Hans (Geoffrey Rush) and Rosa (Emily Watson), she begins stealing books to save them from being burned. However, she soon discovers that her thievery is nothing close to her new family's rebellious crimes once she learns that they are secretly sheltering a Jewish boy in the basement.

In this exclusive new clip from the film, Hans congratulates Liesel on, from what we can infer, finishing her very first book -- a triumphant moment for any child. He takes her down to the cellar to give her a gift: a dictionary wall he's made so the two of them can learn to read together. We're sure this is only one of the many warm and inspiring moments in "The Book Thief."

Check out the exclusive clip above. "The Book Thief" opens in theaters November 15.