Ender's Game- Trailer No. 3
The time comes in every child's life when they must grow up and face adulthood, but that time usually doesn't include an intergalactic war against an alien race.

In "Ender's Game," adapted from the novel by Orson Scott Card, all of humanity is threatened by an impending alien war. Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is chosen as the new hope and leader of the operation, preparing for battle with his team of elite adolescents and a pretty fancy battle simulator.

This new, exclusive trailer shows the rising pressure Ender faces as he gets closer to the real-life battle, while Col. Graff (Harrison Ford) keeps the truth from him. In the quick but intense clip, we get a look at the aliens' ships and planet, and a glimpse of Ender having a bit of a breakdown. We definitely couldn't handle what this kid has to deal with.

Check out the trailer above and get ready for "Ender's Game" -- it rockets into theaters November 1.

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