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Get those sparkles ready, people! The fifth anniversary of that magical day when "Twilight" was released in theaters is upon us, and there are so many ways to celebrate.

First, there's the "Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga" DVD or Blu-ray package. Although we're still waiting on Bill Condon's pie-in-the-sky supercut of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn," there's still lots of vamping to be had in that box set. It includes five films and over two hours of pouty new content.

Then there's the NYC celebration. Summit, the studio behind the teen juggernaut, is holding a two-day event that kicks off on November 3with a screening of all five movies, including the extended disco remix of "Breaking Dawn: Part One." It will start at 9 AM, because a true Twihard loves "Twilight" more than sleep.

The next day, fans can troop over to Planet Hollywood to fall into the eternal embrace of the "Twilight Forever" Fan Experience. This will include special items from the series, like the outfits Bella and Edward wore to their wedding, and Jacob's lycanthropic motorcycle. There will also be other shenanigans, like contests and such.

Check the official "Twilight" Facebook page and Twitter feed for details on how you can join the festivities, win stuff, and more. Oh, and there will be special guests!! Who will they be? We don't know, but odds are good Stephen King won't be one of them.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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