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In "Bad Grandpa," Johnny Knoxville dresses up as Irving Zisman, a raunchy, rowdy grandpa that, to put it simply, pisses off everyone he encounters. From shoplifting to demolishing a wedding cake, Irving is the kind of uncooperative oldster who gets on your last nerve (for a laugh, of course), or, what we like to call, a cantankerous grandpa.

You know the type; the grandmas and grandpas from the movies who find every reason to reflect their bad moods (or lives) on others, who bicker incessantly (as if it's a sport), or who just make you want to rip your hair out. You probably have one in your family. (We hope not.)

While not all technically grandparents, these 12 feisty, fictional seniors from the past three decades of movies have earned a place in Hollywood's pantheon of cantankerous grandmas and grandpas.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa- Trailer No.1
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