Ender's Game- Trailer No.2
While the latest "Ender's Game" trailer gave us a quick glimpse of author Orson Scott Card's futuristic world, it still left a lot to the imagination.

The upcoming sci-fi movie, which follows Ender Wiggin's (Asa Butterfield) as he's recruited and trained to fight the formidable alien Formics, is full of impressive CGI action sequences. The new TV trailer offers a brief look at the Formics' ships and planet, a few seconds of a simulated battle, and a stressed-out Ender shedding a few tears. But Harrison Ford's Col. Graff isn't much of a softy. Here are six things we can't wait to see in director Gavin Hood's adaptation of the beloved novel.

1. The Zero Gravity Battle School
We've had a stressful experience with zero gravity at the movies this year thanks to "Gravity," but watching adolescents play free-floating war games? We're in. In the trailer for "Ender's Game" we get a brief look at Ender and the other battle school students floating around in sleek gray and yellow suits, playing what looks like space laser tag. Can we join?

2. Ender and Bonzo
Fans of the book know about the tension between Ender and his bully of a squad leader, Bonzo. While the trailers don't reveal anything, some photos from the movie have given us a hint that Ender and Bonzo aren't the best of friends. Whether you've read the book or not, some human-versus-human fighting is bound to go down.

3. The Battle Simulator
In the trailer, Ender is delivering some "Minority Report"-meets-Wii-style commands in the battle simulator. We can't tell if the trailer is revealing real battle footage, simulations, or both, but either way, it all looks pretty cool. Ender's war games look nothing like Matthew Broderick's, and that's a good thing.

4. What Ender Does With That Egg
In the latest trailer, we see Ender reaching towards an icky "Matrix"-looking egg-shaped object. What is this egg thing? Why is Ender reaching for it? We want to know!

5. Colonel Graff's Secrets
Ben Kingsley's tattoo-faced Mazer Rackham says, "We should tell him the truth," to which Harrison Ford's Col. Graff challenges, in a menacing, raspy voice, "Why?" We're not sure what Graff is hiding from Ender, or why he's so adamant about keeping the young boy in the dark, but we can't wait to find out.

6. And, of Course, the Formics
The trailers and photos have teased a lot about the movie, but what everyone's still wondering about is what the heck the insectoid aliens, called Formics, really look like. Why must we always be left guessing?! WIll they be tall and green, big-eyed and scary, or more human-like? We'll just have to wait and see...

Check out the latest trailer above and get ready to see some kids kick alien butt when "Ender's Game" blasts into theaters November 1.
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