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For years the "Hellraiser" franchise has steadily declined to the point that Bob Weinstein and Dimension films were simply making movies with the "Hellraiser" name as a way of retaining the rights until they figured out what to do next with the property. But the luster might be returning to the hellish franchise, as original writer/director Clive Barker announced on his Facebook page that he would be returning to write a reboot for Dimension and that original Pinhead Doug Bradley would be returning as well.

The original film concerned a mysterious puzzle box that unleashed the denizens of a hellish alternate dimension, led by the iconic, demonic Pinhead, a role portrayed by Bradley in the original film and many of the subsequent sequels and spin-offs.

"A few weeks ago I had a very productive meeting with Bob Weinstein of Dimension Pictures, in the course of which I pitched a remake of the first 'Hellraiser' film," Barker wrote on his Facebook page (via The Wrap). " "The idea of my coming back to the original film and telling the story with a fresh intensity –- honoring the structure and the designs from the first incarnation but hopefully creating an even darker and richer film -- was attractive to Dimension. Today I have officially been invited to write the script based upon that pitch."

The author and filmmaker stated that the new film would mostly rely on practical makeup and gore effects, instead of CGI, and that the film would be R-rated. In his effete British way, Barker said, "Dimension confirmed that they are purely interested in an R-rated picture." And just in time for Halloween, no less!

Dimension has flirted with a number of approaches in recent years, including a "Hellraiser" TV series (as recently as last year). But with Barker back in the driver's seat and Dimension committed to maintaining the integrity of the original film, this could be something worth getting excited about.

[via The Wrap]

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