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A new trailer for the lush, sepia-toned world of "The Immigrant" seems to have it all: Oscar-winning and nominated actors, gorgeous cinematography, fascinating period setting, and simmering passions and dark underbellies.

Marion Cotillard plays an immigrant who finds herself all alone in New York City in 1921 when her sister is deported back to Poland. She seeks the help of a slickster (Joaquin Phoenix) who sets her up in prostitution. Jeremy Renner plays his illusionist cousin who falls for the beautiful, desperate woman.

Sounds like Oscar bait, right? Yet, James Gray's "The Immigrant" isn't coming out until next spring, after debuting recently at the New York Film Festival. It'll premiere in France first, on November 27, and American audiences will have to wait to see the historical drama.

Check out the trailer below.

[via The Playlist]