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The new Jack Nicholson bio by Marc Eliot has all sorts of salacious details about the actor's life, though we'd expect no less from the legendary character. It seems that a ton of the dirt in "Nicholson: A Biography" focuses on his complicated love life, plus a fondness for tripping on acid and smoking marijuana, among other things.

One of the more picturesque anecdotes is about alleged hijinks behind the scenes on "Ironweed." This was the second film Streep and Nicholson starred in together, the first being Mike Nichols's wonderful "Heartburn," written by Nora Ephron. The two reportedly had a stormy relationship on the set of "Heartburn," but this bio indicates that Streep and Nicholson were pretty chummy on the set of "Ironweed," mainly in his trailer.

Eliot wrote, "Often during shooting, his Winnebago seemed to be balanced on four overworked Slinkys... One unnamed source told Mitchell Fink, of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, that 'whatever is going on inside that Winnebago it's starting to get out of hand, to the point where it's embarrassing a lot of people on the set.'"

Although the trailer-sex-with-Streep anecdote is getting a lot of ink -- because who doesn't worship la Streep? -- we're equally interested in the details of Nicholson's LSD hallucinations. Besides the drug helping his erectile dysfunction, "he also had castration fantasies, homoerotic fear fantasies, and revelations about not being wanted as an infant."

Perhaps this explains Nicholson's sunglasses at night.

[via Daily Mail]

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