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William Zabka, who played villain Johnny Lawrence in the original "Karate Kid," is a good sport, having recently played (and poked fun at) himself on several episodes of CBS comedy "How I Met Your Mother."

But the actor took his self-referential/self-deprecation act one step further this week when he channeled the same Halloween costume his character wore in the movie. Zabka posted an Instagram photo of himself dressed in a skeleton bodysuit almost identical to the one he donned for Halloween in the 1984 flick, with the caption, "so this happened last night in Boston."

In "The Karate Kid"'s Halloween scene, Zabka and a group of friends dressed as skeletons chase down Ralph Macchio's character, only to then be taken out one by one by a butt-kicking Mr. Miyagi.

We're glad Zabka is as big a fan of '80s nostalgia as the rest of us. We just hope that the next time he wants to re-live his youth, he can convince Macchio to join him.
For reference, here's the original scene featuring a skeleton costume-clad William Zabka from the original, 1984 "Karate Kid":
[via: Instagram, h/t Vulture]
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