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Welp, that "Entourage" movie that's been in the works for years is apparently on the move. The show's creator, Doug Ellin, tweeted "It's a go" with a pic of the group in happier times, hugging it out and holding the children that we assume were spawned by the actors and not just props for the movie.
This was just confirmation of what Jerry Ferrara, who played Turtle on the show, hinted at during a talk show appearance promoting his new film, "Last Vegas."

Trying to get the gang of actors from the HBO show to agree on terms has been like herding cats. The Hollywood Reporter names Ferrara, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly, and shaggy-haired star Adrian Grenier as the primary offenders, though Jeremy Piven was also not quite sure about returning either until he got a pretty sweet back-end deal. It's a whole lotta inside baseball, but one thing's for sure, the studio definitely wants an "Entourage" movie and won't let this one go until the gang of gents relents.

Production is slated for January, but we shall see.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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