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If you've been watching spooky movies to get into the Halloween mood, surely 2007's funky cult anthology "Trick 'r' Treat" is on your must-see list. (If not, attend to that ASAP.) After its dishonorable DVD dump, the fun flick has found eternal life among fans eager to spread the word about their creepy, sack-headed friend named Sam.

Just after a special screening of "Trick 'r' Treat" at the fancy Egyptian theater in Los Angeles, writer/director Michael Dougherty spilled the jellybeans on its long-awaited sequel. It was also announced on the movie's official Facebook page after hours of dropping juicy morsels online for fans.

Speaking of Facebook, it's a hoppin' hotbed of horror these days. Just a few days ago, Clive Barker revealed to fans on his official Facebook page that he was hard at work on a fresh new "Hellraiser" at Dimension, with Doug Bradley reprising his role as Pinhead.

However, there's not even a script for the "Trick 'r' Treat" sequel at the moment, and Dougherty is busy as a writer and exec producer on ABC's upcoming "Secret Cabinet," which will be directed by Jon Favreau. At the moment, there is just a pilot commitment for the show, but if it gets picked up it would put a serious damper on future Halloween-y endeavors.

Still, it's cool that Sam's fans have made a difference in the way studios look at anthologies, and the fact that the movie found its fanbase through word of mouth and digital media proves it was ahead of its time. Horror anthologies like the "V/H/S" series and "The ABCs of Death" have found success on demand and on the festival circuit.

Although Dougherty told Entertainment Weekly he was hoping that the movie would find its way to theaters, "the first film also proved that you don't need a theatrical release in order to be successful. Not anymore. This film became the hit that it became because of video on demand and because of Amazon and Netflix and all those new technologies that people have embraced. It was because of that that this film found its audience."

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