Delivery Man- Clip No. 1
This exclusive, new "Delivery Man" preview shows us that anonymously fathering hundreds of children may not be all that bad.

In "Delivery Man," Vince Vaughn plays an affable yet highly unreliable single man who -- having donated to a fertility clinic years before -- discovers that he has fathered 533 kids. One-hundred and forty-two of his children have filed a lawsuit to discover their father's identity and, turning the apparent nightmare upside down, Vaughn's optimistic David decides to play dad by watching over his newly-discovered kids -- all the while keeping his identity a secret.

"My genes were on a professional basketball court tonight!" he proclaims. While Vaughn's character may be looking on the bright side of things, his legal advisor and close friend, Brett (played by Chris Pratt), thinks David is utterly insane.

Whether revealing yourself to your hundreds of children is, in fact, crazy, one thing's for sure: Vaughn paired with Pratt has "insanely funny" written all over it.

"Delivery Man" hits theaters November 22.
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Delivery Man
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