Better to wake up in a grave than not at all ... right?

Maybe not, after seeing the trailer for horror-thriller "Open Grave," which opens with Sharlto Copley regaining consciousness in mass grave full of corpses. He's rescued by strangers and taken to a house, but none of them don't quite know how they got there either.

"What happened to us?" Copley wonders. One of the men seems to recognize him, but there are other, more terrifying mysteries. Like a calendar with a particular date circled on it. Bodies hanging in the woods. A near-dead person trapped in barbed wire - or is he trapped?

The movie, directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego, looks to be a creepy scare-fest, with lots of screaming and shocking images. "Open Grave" also stars Joseph Morgan ("The Vampire Diaries"),
Thomas Kretschmann ("Dracula"), and Erin Richards, and opens in theaters January 3.