A fully realized dystopian future of fabulous frippery and fierce fighting doesn't come cheap, so it's no surprise that "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" started off with a $78M budget. But what caused the budget to zoom upwards of $130M?

As The Hollywood Reporter divulged, there were a number of reasons why the budget sprang sky high –- not that anyone is particularly worried that Lionsgate et al won't be raking in the box office ducats. First of all, "Catching Fire" is simply a bigger movie that required several more locations to capture the various Districts Katniss and Peeta visit on their Victory Tour and the Quarter Quell that they must survive. Plus, the sequel required more extensive visual effects that cost $10 million, although, (thankfully) director Francis Lawrence laid off with the shaky cam. And then there's Jennifer Lawrence. Her paycheck went up $10 million. That's a lot of squirrel stew!

Still, you probably won't find anyone complaining. "The Hunger Games" is a mammoth franchise that targets the audience "Twilight" left behind. The popularity of young adult novels and books isn't slowing down either, and it's not just limited to that marketing sweet spot of young women with money to burn. Other attempts at capturing that post-"Twilight" audience have fallen flat, although the studio behind "The Mortal Instruments" is trying to resuscitate their franchise by going ahead with with its sequel.

The recent trailers and photos have only whetted fans' appetites for "Catching Fire," so chances are good this will be money well spent.

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" opens nationwide November 22.

[via THR]

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