Exclusive 'Man of Tai Chi' Preview - Tiger Chen Fight for Family
If this exclusive "Man of Tai Chi" preview tells us one thing, it's that honor comes before money, but nothing comes before family.

In "Man of Tai Chi," Tiger Chen plays a young martial artist who is dragged into the incredibly lucrative world of underground fighting. Marking his directorial debut, Keanu Reeves plays Donaka Mark, a businessman with ties to the bloody underworld, who is not all what he appears. In this clip, Mark hopes to profit from Chen's unmatched talent, manipulating the fighter to disregard honor and instead focus on the financial gains that may befall his family.

Set in modern-day Beijing, the film seems to offer one hell of a ride, and we can only hope there's a final face-off between Tiger and Keanu.

Keanu Reeves's "Man of Tai Chi," currently available via VOD, VUDU, iTunes, and Amazon, hits theaters November 1.
Man of Tai Chi- Trailer No. 1
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Man of Tai Chi
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A young martial artist's amazing skills in tai chi grant him entry into an underworld fight club. Read More