Jude Law seems to be on a career upswing and we couldn't be happier. After being poised as the next big thing, Law starred in a number of huge (and hugely forgettable) movies like "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" and "Alfie." But now, he seems to be finding his footing again, costarring in two wildly successful "Sherlock Holmes" movies with Robert Downey, Jr. and getting a creative shot-in-the-arm from a pair of collaborations with Steven Soderbergh ("Contagion" and "Side Effects"). His next movie looks like a lot of fun, too.

The movie is "Dom Hemingway," and in it Law stars as the title character, a boozy, druggy criminal who has just been released from prison after serving 12 years. The film recently played at the Toronto International Film Festival and opens in the U.K. on November 15 and the in the U.S. in April 2014. In this new clip from Total Film, Law's Hemingway is suffering from a hangover that he describes in very colorful detail (so colorful its language is NSFW).

"Dom Hemingway" was written and directed by Richard Shepard, a supremely underrated filmmaker who directed "The Matador" and "The Hunting Party," and costars Richard E. Grant (who can be seen in the clip reacting to Law's insanity), Demian Bichir, and "Game of Thrones" girl of my dreams Emilia Clarke.

Check out the new clip above.

[via Total Film]
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