patrick stewart lobster halloween@SirPatStew

Sir Patrick Stewart has been on a bit of a roll lately on Twitter, sharing hilarious photos of him palling around with friend and frequent co-star Sir Ian McKellen, announcing his marriage, and eating pizza.

So of course, the "X-Men" star decided to get in the Halloween spirit today, posting an amazing image of himself dressed as a lobster and sitting in a bathtub. We don't have much commentary to offer (the photo really speaks for itself), but we will say this: Stewart is quickly becoming the funniest person on Twitter, and is currently in the running with Tom Hanks for the title of World's Most Delightful Celeb.

Based on his penchant for looking ridiculous online, we're going to give the edge -- at least for today -- to Sir Pat. But there's still a few hours left for Hanks to don an equally-amazing costume and beat Stewart at his own game. Your move, Tom.

[via @SirPatStew]
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