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After his first two features, "Cabin Fever" and "Hostel," Eli Roth was seen as something of a horror movie wunderkind -- someone who could save the genre from the doldrums of tired remakes and silly slasher movies.

Roth had a reverence for the genre and a willingness to push things further, into uncomfortable territories that both repulsed and excited mainstream audiences. But since "Hostel," his output has become infrequent (he directed the underrated "Hostel: Part II" and a fake trailer for Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodrigeuz's "Grindhouse" project, which he also co-starred in). These days he's more about acting (he co-starred alongside Brad Pitt in the Oscar-winning "Inglourious Basterds") and shepherding other genre filmmakers (for things like "The Last Exorcism" and "Aftershock"). But that's about to change. Roth is back, kiddies.

Roth's newest horror feature, set for release by Open Road sometime next year, is called "The Green Inferno" and, as he explained on a Halloween appearance on last night's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," it wasn't exactly a pleasant shoot. Roth shot the movie deep in the Amazon, which required him to get vaccine shots beforehand and, afterwards, to get decontaminated from all the parasites that were swimming around in his body.

The filmmaker, who was wearing a wig and was blasted with glitter, also debuted a clip from "The Green Inferno," which concerns a group of college-age do-gooders whose plane crashes deep in the Amazon. The group is then forced to deal with the jungle's cannibalistic inhabitants. It debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival to a typically boisterous response.

In the clip, which Roth tries to set up, but Leno interrupts to ask about the amount of pretty girls in the movie (Roth doesn't even get to say anything about the cannibals), we get to see glimpses of the plane crash. For a low budget movie, it looks pretty convincing. Now, we just can't wait to find out how real the cannibal stuff will be...

Check out the clip of Roth on "The Tonight Show" below. "The Green Inferno" hits theaters sometime next year.

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