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Keanu Reeves -- director and star of "Man of Tai Chi" -- is Moviefone's Guest Editor from October 28 - November 1. Watch for exclusive features from him throughout the week. Below, the actor reveals five little-known facts about himself.

1. He Loves Typewriters
"I have more than three mechanical typewriters which I think is on the border of collecting typewriters.
I love how they feel when I am striking thought on to paper.
I love how they sound when putting thought on to paper.
I love that they are machines for putting thought on to paper.
I love how they look."

2. He's a Man of Action (Rituals)
"When I am performing an action sequence when working on a film, I take on behavioral rituals -- like tying the laces on a boot a certain way, or putting my right arm in first on a particular piece of costume."

3. He Has an Appreciation of Yellow
"I didn't appreciate the color yellow until my early twenties."

4. He Learned to Ride on the Job
"I was taught how to ride a motorcycle in Munich at the BavariaFilmplatz, where I was working when I was 22."

5. Arthur Miller Led Him to a Love of Acting
"I had the chance to play John Proctor in 'The Crucible' my senior year of high school. That experience fortified and cemented my decision "to be an actor" in response to the question 'what do you want to be?' we were asked by life and educators."

Keanu Reeves's "Man of Tai Chi," currently available via VOD, VUDU, iTunes, and Amazon, hits theaters November 1.
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