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Cult classic slasher flick "Sleepaway Camp" is getting a remake (and a reboot), with an assist from its original director, star, and producer.

The 1983 horror movie centered around a serial killer that takes out kid campers at the titular summer getaway, and spawned three sequels, each more ridiculous than the last. Robert Hiltzik, who wrote and directed the original but was uninvolved with its follow-ups, was displeased with the turn the franchise took after he departed, and retained the rights to the movie, along with original producer Michele Tatosian and actress Felissa Rose, who starred in the series as Angela, a bullied teen attending the camp.

Now, Hiltzik, Tatosian, and Rose are working with former film executive Jeff Katz to give "Sleepaway Camp" new life as a rebooted franchise set in the modern day. Deadline reports that the new movies would also echo the original's "psychosexual elements."

The trio and Katz are currently shopping the project to studios, and hope to secure a writer soon after.

We'll have more updates as they become available; until then, sleep tight.

[via Deadline]
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