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At our screening of "Thor: The Dark World," there were a bunch of crabby critics and an adorable Disney publicist who told us that, "Since this is a Marvel movie, you're probably going to want to stay for the credits." At a charity screening in Times Square for New York City kids co-hosted by Disney and the New York Daily News, Loki himself showed up -- on Halloween, no less. That screening wins.

Tom Hiddleston, who pretty much steals the show in "Thor: The Dark World" (shocking, I know), greeted the kids with one of his signature lines: "I am Loki and I am filled with glorious purpose." Hiddleston, who stars in (what we think is) one of the very best movies of next year, Jim Jarmusch's luxurious vampire movie "Only Lovers Left Alive," flew in from London specifically for the screening. In fact, he arrived at JFK airport just two hours before he was set to introduce the film, which sees Hiddleston's Loki character imprisoned in Asgardian jail following the events of last year's blockbuster "The Avengers."

"I just landed from London at 4 p.m. and to sort of come through the airport, throw on some clothes and come into that response where there were just 300 kids so excited to be there," the actor told the Daily News. "To see that enthusiasm, to see them clap and cheer, wearing Loki T-shirts and swinging hammers, that was really gratifying."

Hiddleston was thrilled to be a small part of a very large charity effort, as well. "For charities like Variety of New York and Children's Aid Society and UNICEF, who I have done some work for, I believe so strongly in their work," he said. "There are armies of people behind the scenes who do tireless work on behalf of children all over the world. So it's nothing for me to turn up and introduce a screening for them. I hope it's a nice reward."

"Thor: The Dark World" conquers all nine realms when it hits theaters on November 8.

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