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"About Time" is a date movie, whether it be with your girlfriend or your mom, but it's rare that a date movie comes along that can interest any unprejudiced moviegoer. Who wouldn't be interested in the idea of a time-traveling ball-of-awkward as he tries to find that special someone? Anybody I know would jump at the chance to see a film as engaging as that. But when push comes to shove "About Time" becomes jumbled and ultimately isn't as enthralling as its ad-campaign would have us believe. That's not to say that it's a bad movie because it's not! Let me explain.

What I Liked: "About Time" starts out being an extremely funny movie and quite original. Domnhall Gleeson did a great job as Tim, the time-traveling romantic, and every interaction he had with his father (played by Bill Nighy) was very fun to watch. In fact, Nighy was one of the best parts of the film; every moment he was on screen, he got the exact emotion he needed to get out of me, from laughter to sadness. And my absolute favorite performance was Tom Hollander as the delightfully p*ssy playwright Harry Chapman. He had me laughing with every appearance he makes; I would even love to see a Harry Chapman solo film! (Yes, he was the good.) Unfortunately as the film progresses, it loses its flare and you can pinpoint the exact moment this happens...

What I Didn't Like: The character of Mary (played by Rachel McAdams) was poorly written. I like McAdams more often than I don't, but her talent is wasted in "About Time." The film just gets sloppy with the introduction of McAdams' character and her romance with Tim. This is at the fault of director Richard Curtis, whom I still respect for trying to be as original and ambitious as he was, but he lets the time travel theme get really screwy. I can't get into it any deeper than that because I hate spoiling movies, but imagine one of those games you play as a kid where you had rules that you always followed, and then one kid starts making up new ones as he goes along. Playing this game with "About Time" ruins the climax of the movie for me. (Also the 123 minute run-time is a bit much.)

So if your date (or your mom) wants you to go see "About Time" with her, let me give you some advice: take it with a big grain of salt. Do not go into this film being nit-picky because you will come out disappointed. "About Time" is difficult at times, but it's graced with an amazing cast and instills hope in all of us that originality does still exist.

What did you think of "About Time"? Was it what you expected? Were you disappointed? Give me your thoughts!

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