Harrison Ford has a bit of a reputation for being a grump, especially when it comes to discussing "Star Wars," but it seems all it takes to get him out of his funk is an uncanny impression of Chewbacca.

That angle worked for Benedict Cumberbatch, who appeared alongside Ford on an October episode of the UK's "The Graham Norton Show," where both actors were promoting recently-released movies. Cumberbatch and Norton were discussing Cumberbatch's spot-on portrayal of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in "The Fifth Estate," and Cumberbatch's knack for impressions in general.

"It's just sort of having an ear. It's just sort of what we do [as actors], I guess," Cumberbatch explained to the host of his skill for sounding like others.

In fact, Cumberbatch said, he's pretty good at imitating non-humans, too, then launched into a pitch-perfect rendition of one of Chewbacca's signature growls. Ford, sitting next to Cumberbatch, seemed completely bewildered.

"Did I take you back?" Cumberbatch asked Ford. Judging by the look on Ford's face, we're guessing the answer is yes.

Check out the clip and judge for yourself the accuracy of Cumberbatch's impression.

[via HuffPost Entertainment]