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It can be hard to make it as a young actress in Hollywood. But as Michelle Pfeiffer recently revealed, she almost didn't make it for a different reason: she joined a cult.

In a recent interview with the UK's The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine, Pfeiffer said that when she left home and moved to Los Angeles at age 20, she met a "very controlling" couple who put her on a diet "nobody could adhere to." The couple believed in Breatharianism, which teaches that food and water are unnecessary, and the only sustenance the body needs is sunlight.

"They worked with weights and put people on diets. Their thing was vegetarianism," Pfeiffer told the magazine, adding that the pair encouraged her to come to their home often -- and charged her for every visit, which took a hard financial toll.

"They believed that people in their highest state were breatharian," the actress said.

Pfeiffer said she finally realized what was happening to her when she met her first husband, Peter Horton, an actor who was working on a film about Moonies, the nickname given to followers of Rev Moon Sun-myung's Unification Church.

"We were talking with an ex-Moonie and he was describing the psychological manipulation and I just clicked," Pfeiffer said.

Today, Pfeiffer is a vegan -- by choice, she said. It's a good thing she abandoned the Breatharianism: at least four people have died from attempting to live off only sunshine and air, according to the Seattle Globalist.

[via: The Sunday Telegraph, h/t HuffPost Entertainment]
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