Well, Shia LeBeaouf has made it very clear that we are a long, long way from his fresh-from-the-Disney-Channel days of starring in big budget, family friendly studio fare like the "Transformers" movies.

In a new, very NSFW trailer for his upcoming film "Charlie Countryman," the former teen star does acid (for real, according to him), visits strip clubs, says the F-word (a lot), and gets into increasingly bloody and violent entanglements.

In the movie, Charlie (LeBeouf) is visited by his dead mother who tells him to take a trip to Bucharest, which I assume she isn't just advising because the tax incentives make it easy to shoot a low budget independent feature there. While in Romania, he falls in love with a young girl (Evan Rachel Wood, whose boobs you get to see in this trailer) who is still romantically linked to a mob boss played by Mads Mikkelsen (NBC's "Hannibal"). The starry supporting cast includes Til Schweiger ("Inglourious Basterds"), Rupert Grint, Melissa Leo, and John Hurt as the narrator, because, clearly, it needed more whimsy.

The trailer, at least, makes a case for the movie's intriguing seediness, although it could be a case of "a little bit too much" (we can't stress enough about how NSFW this trailer really is). Combining elements of the romantic comedy and gangster thriller, the movie appears to be an overtly stylized free-for-all. This stylization, combined with the excessive amounts of sex, drugs, and violence, could leave viewers feeling woozy. Still: the trailer does make us a little bit more excited for the film, which was previously titled "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman" and premiered earlier this year at Sundance.

"Charlie Countryman" is out on November 15.

[via Vulture]