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David Cronenberg isn't one to mince words, but that's why we love him, right? And what do we love more than Cronenberg's icky oeuvre of body horror and dark dramas? Directors talking smack about each other, naturally.

The director of "The Fly" and other seminal body horror films -- who, by the way, doesn't particularly think of himself as a horror director -- is the subject of a very cool exhibit at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto. It features tons of bizarre things from his movies, like a giant Mugwump from "Naked Lunch," the awful gynecological instruments from "Dead Ringers," and much more.

A seemingly throwaway bit of an interview he gave in support the exhibit is gaining traction because apparently Cronenberg isn't such a fan of Stanley Kubrick or "The Shining." (He's in good company, at least in regards to "The Shining." Author Stephen King hates the adaptation, too.) Cronenberg's comments on the director wasn't totally out of the blue, as Kubrick will be the subject of a similar retrospective at TIFF next year.

Cronenberg told the Toronto Star, "I think I'm a more intimate and personal filmmaker than Kubrick ever was... That's why I find 'The Shining' not to be a great film. I don't think he understood the (horror) genre. I don't think he understood what he was doing. There were some striking images in the book and he got that, but I don't think he really felt it.

"In a weird way, although he's revered as a high-level cinematic artist, I think he was much more commercial-minded and was looking for stuff that would click and that he could get financed. I think he was very obsessed with that, to an extent that I'm not. Or that Bergman or Fellini were."

We'd expect nothing less from the man who's remaking Robert Pattinson into a post-modern, post-"Twilight" star.

[via Toronto Star]
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