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We already know Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and overall funny and charming person, but according to her co-star Josh Hutcherson, Lawrence can add one other accolade to her resume: excellent kisser.

Hutcherson, who plays Peeta to Lawrence's Katniss in the "Hunger Games" franchise, told Cosmopolitan (via MTV UK) that Lawrence is "many a man's desire."

"For me, she's like a best friend and sister, so it's a little bit incestuous," Hutcherson admitted of his costar. "But she's a great kisser -- so, yup, the bar is high!"

For his part, Hutcherson thinks he isn't too shabby in the makeout department either. He told Cosmo that he'd rate himself between "eight-and-three-quarters to nine-and-a-half" on a 10-point kissing skill scale.

Audiences will soon be able judge for themselves how good Lawrence and Hutcherson's liplocking chemistry is: "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" hits theaters November 22.

[via MTV UK]
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