Are you ready to have haunting nightmares starring a creepy animatronic doll? Say hello to Chuckesme.

Chuckesme is the not-so-affectionate name given to the animatronic doll that was supposed to stand in for Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee, in "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2." Director Bill Condon wanted to use practical effects rather than CGI to depict the girl -- whose vampire/human hybrid nature makes her mature much faster than a regular baby -- in order to make her interactions with cast members seem more lifelike.

Unfortunately for Condon and co., that decision turned out to be terrible. The doll is absolutely horrifying -- hence its "Chucky"-referencing nickname -- and was ultimately scrapped and replaced by special effects in the theatrical version.

In an interview included in the special features of the new "Twilight Forever" Blu-ray box set, actress Nikki Reed, who looks absolutely terrified holding the doll, asks "the whole world to forgive me" for being involved with the doll's creation. And who can blame her? Even filmmakers called the doll "grotesque."

While we're glad Chuckesme wasn't in the finished product, we've got a bone to pick with whoever cobbled together those special features. Thanks for creeping us out forever, dude. *Shudder*


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