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Who would dare take advantage of Tom Hanks and his lovely wife, Rita Wilson? Who, we ask you?

Well, an insurance broker named Jerry Goldman had the temerity to grossly overcharge the couple, among others, with insurance premiums he'd increased up to 600%. Goldman also tried to cover his tracks with fabricated paperwork. Goldman has been sentenced to 27 months in jail, and will have to pay approximately $840 grand in restitution.

Attorney Stephanie Yonekura told CBS Los Angeles, "Sometimes he was inflating the insurance premium by 600 percent, or sometimes, by tens of thousands of dollars... I believe the reason why they didn't notice is they weren't familiar with the insurance industry and they didn't know what an actual valid premium would look like."

Insurance! It's a thorny subject for everyone, even Oscar winners.

[via CBS Los Angeles, h/t THR]

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