What's a villainous god to do when confronted with children who only want to talk about his superhero brother?

The answer comes courtesy of a new clip from Comedy Central featuring Loki (Tom Hiddleston) having a discussion with a group of adorable kids that immediately gets off on the wrong foot. The clip, produced to promote the impending release of "Thor: The Dark World," begins with Loki asking the kids who's better: Thor or Loki?

Naturally, the kids are all about Thor, and Loki's nonplussed reaction is pretty priceless. Check out the full clip (which spoofs those AT&T ads featuring newly-minted SNL cast member Beck Bennett) to see how he handles himself after listening to one child in particular wax on and on about the god of thunder.

Hiddleston recently revealed to Chelsea Handler that he initially tried out for the part of Thor (which ultimately went to Chris Hemsworth), and packed on 18 pounds of muscle in hopes of landing the gig. Though Hiddleston admitted to being a bit disappointed that he didn't get his first choice, producers' insistence that he play Loki instead seems to have worked out.

"Thor: The Dark World" opens this weekend.

[via Entertainment Weekly]
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