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The long-gestating film adaptation of video game "Kane & Lynch" scored some major points today with the announcement that Gerard Butler is in talks to star in the movie alongside fellow action star Vin Diesel.

Butler would play Kane, a death row inmate who escapes prison and goes on a hunt to rescue his abducted wife and daughter and reclaim his stolen fortune. Diesel would play Lynch, a schizophrenic killer who escapes alongside Kane, and teams with him to travel the globe, acting as his wingman and bodyguard.

Director F. Gary Gray is currently on board to helm the adaptation, which would make Butler's signing on a likely prospect: the duo have already worked together, on 2009's "Law Abiding Citizen." Of course, "Kane & Lynch" has had a rocky road to the big screen -- it was first developed in 2007 with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx -- so who knows if this version will pan out.

Diesel has reportedly already been offered the part, though there's no word yet on whether he's accepted. We'll see if a similar deal materializes for Butler.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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