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Photoshop is the visionary 'shipper's best friend, but it's unlikely that anyone meant for this image of Thor and Loki embracing to make its way beyond Tumblr. It seems that a theater in Shanghai accidentally used a fan's carefully Photoshopped poster to advertise "Thor: The Dark World" instead of the studio-approved version.

The original shows Thor (Chris Hemsworth) protecting Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) with his big strong arms and hammer. This other one, though? He's cuddling his brother Loki, who, as we all know, is played by the frabjous Tom Hiddleston. Obviously, they have a contentious relationship at best, so it would definitely not be canon for them to be cuddled up just so. And, let's face it, this isn't exactly a familial hug. However, it is definitely pretty awesome, and it's not that much less Photoshopped than the original. The real question is whether or not we can get a framed copy in time for Chanukkah.

Check out the full poster below. "Thor: The Dark World" opens this weekend.

thor and loki fan-made 'thor 2' poster mix-up shanghai

[via Reddit, h/t MTV]

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