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Apparently, having sex with a car wasn't enough of an idiosyncrasy for Cameron Diaz's character in "The Counselor": The Hollywood Reporter says that Diaz also had to re-record her dialogue because her Barbadian accent was too over-the-top.

According to THR, Diaz "originally voiced [her character] with a full-on Rihanna-style accent." But studio executives reportedly hated it, and forced the actress to dub all her lines in post-production, changing the accent to "a relatively subtle Barbados lilt."

Diaz was apparently pretty displeased with the decision, and honestly, so are we. How awesome would it have been to see her do a Rihanna impression?

Maybe that spectacle could have helped "The Counselor" do better than its paltry $9 million opening. Then again, if sex with a car doesn't get moviegoers' attention, we doubt a wacky accent would have changed things much.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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