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While Ridley Scott is currently shooting the big budget bible tale "Exodus" with Christian Bale starring as Moses, and his most recent film "The Counselor" is currently baffling audiences nationwide, he is already lining up his post-"Exodus" project, one that will see the director playing with a much more modest scale. According to The Wrap, Scott is looking to make a movie about the real life epidemic of football-related concussions.

This has been a hot-button issue both in the sports world and national press, as football-related concussions have led to much more serious health risks for the athletes involved. It would be interesting to see Scott tackle a contemporary, realistic drama like this, especially since he's so well versed in creating fantastical or imaginary worlds.

According to The Wrap report, Scott is now meeting with high profile screenwriters, who can shape the issue into a viable screenplay with a strong narrative. Supposedly Scott is a huge sports fan, but has never tackled the sports film genre before. This should be exciting.

Scott also seems to believe that sequels to both "Blade Runner" and "Prometheus" will be on the way sooner rather than later. Time will tell.

[via The Wrap]

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