"High-Rise" - Red Carpet - BFI London Film FestivalSince 2011, Tom Hiddleston has portrayed the legendary supervillain, Loki, three times -- and no one is complaining.

Not only has Hiddleston made the villain his own, but he has also officially cemented Loki in the realm of elite comic book-turned-movie characters. Come this Friday, Hiddleston can again be seen as Loki in "Thor 2: The Dark World."

The second installment of the "Thor" franchise has the hammer-wielding god enlisting the services of his adopted brother-slash-enemy in order to save the Nine Realms from Malekith the Accursed -- a supervillain too powerful for Thor to fight on his own.

While you've seen Hiddleston don the Loki costume (and maybe transform himself into F. Scott Fitzgerald in "Midnight in Paris"), there is still much to know about this rising star. From his favorite superhero to his fears, here are 18 things you probably don't know about Tom Hiddleston.

1. Before his star-turn as Loki, Hiddleston screen-tested for the role of Thor, even putting on 20 pounds of muscle, but director Kenneth Branagh felt he was more suitable for the role of the Loki. Which we're totally fine with, by the way.

2. He does a mean impersonation of Shere Khan from "The Jungle Book."

3. Hiddleston has said that if not for acting, he would have been a cowboy. If he had a horse, he'd name it "Balthazaar."

4. After seeing contemporaries Gemma Arterton and Eddie Redmayne become successful prior, Hiddleston began to question if he would ever breakout as an actor. He's admitted that his father even tried to persuade the highly-educated Hiddleston to be his "own man" rather than merely "pretending to be someone else."

5. His favorite superhero is Superman. In his mind, Christopher Reeve was the first real superhero.

6. Hiddleston attended Eton College -- a prestigious boarding school in England -- with Prince William. Hiddleston and his classmates treated William like anyone else and, subsequently, he thinks of the prince as just another guy from school.

7. In January 2013, he traveled with UNICEF UK to Guinea, West Africa, to visit children, families, and communities. He continues to remain involved with the organization.

8. Jameson on the rocks is Hiddleston's go-to drink. When asked about his favorite alcohol, Hiddleston told GQ UK, "When the nights draw in it's nice to come home, tinkle a few ice cubes in a tumbler, pour a little Jameson in and watch a movie."

9. He won "Best Newcomer" at the Laurence Olivier Awards in 2008, an esteemed honor that recognizes the best in London theatre.

10. Hiddleston played rugby at Cambridge University but gave it up to pursue his love of acting.

11. Hiddleston's favorite film is "Heat."

12. His great-great-grandfather was Sir Edmund Vestey, 1st Baronet, an English importer who was created a Baronet for supplying food to British troops during the First World War.

13. Hiddleston was ranked at No. 2 on Empire's The 100 Sexiest Movie Stars list in 2013.

14. Despite his love of swimming in the sea, Hiddleston is terrified of sharks. When he is the person furthest from the shore, he says "the John Williams 'Jaws' theme starts in my head."

15. With an established stage career, Hiddleston has starred in Shakespeare plays, most notably "Othello" and "Coriolanus." He can even recite "Hamlet" on demand.

16. He credits Shakespeare's "Hamlet" as the primary inspiration for his (un-"Twilight") vampire character in Jim Jarmusch's "Only Lovers Left Alive."

17. Hiddleston's mom is a former stage manager. His father is a scientist and was the director of a pharmaceutical company.

18. Next time Tom Hiddleston is over for tea, be sure to serve him Earl Grey with a splash of milk -- it's his favorite.

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