Considering that James Franco is almost always involved in a dozen or so projects encompassing all artistic walks of life, it's kind of amazing more of them don't fall through the cracks. This is an actor who teaches classes, enrolls in classes, writes essays for Vice Magazine, appears on daytime soap operas, and still manages to, you know, star in movies. (After an incredible 2013 saw him lead a big screen Disney blockbuster in "Oz the Great and Powerful," while creeping out Disney TV stars in "Spring Breakers," he'll play a sleazy southern gangster in this month's "Homefront.") But one that seems to have fallen through said cracks is "Tar," based on the life and work of American poet C.K. Williams.

A trailer for the movie, which premiered almost a year ago at the Rome Film Festival, has been uncovered and it looks intriguing, although it might be just odd enough to never receive any kind of mainstream attention.

The film was co-written and co-directed by a collective of twelve NYU film students (where, of course, Franco was taking classes). "Tar" stars Franco as Williams, Mila Kunis as his wife, and Jessica Chastain as his mother (presumably in flashback-only form). Franco has something of an affinity for playing real-life characters, most recently his slightly too winky performance as Hugh Hefner in the forgettable porn industry biopic "Lovelace."

There's no indication of when or if this movie will come out, but the trailer is certainly lushly evocative and, dare we say it, poetic? Those 12 NYU kids are really going somewhere!

[via Vulture]