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Get ready for a second helping of "Cake."

Jason Statham has just acquired the rights to "Viva La Madness," the 2012 sequel to "Layer Cake," a novel by British author J.J. Connolly that was turned into a movie in 2004. Statham would star as the same nameless hero played by Daniel Craig in the first film.

According to Deadline, "Madness" would pick up where "Layer Cake" left off, with the protagonist "looking for a beach to land on in retirement, but instead he gets involved with trans-Atlantic drug deals, money laundering, high-tech electronic fraud, London lowlifes and Venezuelan drug cartels."

Connolly, who adapted "Layer Cake" for the big screen, will do the same for "Viva La Madness." No word on whether "Layer Cake" director Matthew Vaughn will return. But one can dream.

[via Deadline]
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